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Tharu was found by a deep thought “go green, ever green, stay healthy”. Because of changed life style, all moved to fertilizers side for producing food. But what about health. Even though production seems to be high, also the health diseases increase. To change the lifestyle we took our first step to support natural products i.e., organic products. In ancient days, we ate small millets and unpolished rice which have more fibrous & nutrients. When days changed the food habits was changed & we want to eat the food which is easier to eat which is not having fibre, which causes more diseases like diabetic. Nowadays slight changeover has been made in food habits of people.They want to eat small millets and fibre products. Our aim’s to give fibre and unpolished products to our customers in Coimbatore. We are close to farmers and get the organic products from them to give it to people with a reasonable price. Let us raise our hand for organic products and for the production to increase to become evergreen and disease free. Call us at +91 98944 28118 for order via phone and any other queries.

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